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Tumblr Tells Users: “Change Passwords Now”

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I know we harp on the dangers of Wi-Fi a lot; but, really, there’s a good reason why! The latest example comes from Tumblr, which just provided a great object lesson that we can all learn from. In an official announcement, Tumblr has issued a warning to users of its iOS apps that because their apps were not logging users in securely, data, including login details, could be intercepted.

It’s important for anyone using the Tumblr app to reset their password for Tumblr and any other site where you use that same password. (And, hey, have we told you lately that you should be using a password manager and creating unique, complex passwords?) Also be sure to update to the latest version of the Tumblr app.

The fact is, unless you know enough to be able to tell when an app is logging you in securely, it’s best to assume that it isn’t. This is why we say you should be very cautious about what you do online when you’re on a public network. This is also why Intego offers stricter settings on its firewall software for when you’re on public networks.