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Welcome to Intego’s Apple Resource Center, your one-stop shop for guides, resources, and helpful information about Apple products. Whether you want to learn about basic Mac keyboard shortcuts or wish to familiarize yourself with the history of Mac-targeted malware, you’ll find a wealth of information catering specifically to the Apple demographic.


Terms and phrases to help you better understand Apple, Macs, malware, and technology as a whole.

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News, history, and interesting facts about the Apple corporation and its culture.

Intego Malware Team

Intego's Malware Research Team is made up of security experts who are also Mac experts. Understanding malware on Macs requires an in-depth knowledge of Mac OS X, and Intego's researchers know all of the ins and outs of this operating system, as well as the specificities of Mac hardware that malware can exploit.

Intego's malware researchers are the best in the business; that's why Intego generally finds and blocks new malware before any other company.

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The latest Mac security and malware news.

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