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    In order to provide you the safest financial transaction, our payment application requires that you upgrade your browser to one of the following options:

    If your operating system is older than OS X 10.8, the latest version of Safari will not be supported. We recommend using the latest Chrome or Firefox to complete this transaction. Your choice of browser will not impact the performance of the Intego software that you have purchased. 

Why Choose Intego?

Intego has long been considered the Mac security leader. Read below to find out why.

We’ve Protected Macs Since 1997

While makers of Windows antivirus have recently entered the Mac market, only Intego has been protecting Macs exclusively since 1997. Our accomplished team of Mac developers and malware researchers builds on this experience with every Intego product.

We Only Protect Apple Products

Intego protects only Apple products: Macs and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch). No other security software company can devote all its time and resources to the specific problems that affect Macs and iOS devices.

Our Programs are Easy to Use

All of our programs are easy to install, set up and use, and feature innovative, user-friendly interfaces. All Intego programs also include full, detailed documentation, and free technical support is available by phone or e-mail.

Always a Step Ahead

The Intego Malware Research Team works 24/7 to spot new malware as soon as it starts circulating. Once detected, they update malware definitions right away and make the new threat filters available through NetUpdate.

Talk to a Mac Support Specialist

When trying to reach tech support from other companies, finding a Mac technician can mean long waits. All of Intego’s technicians are Mac specialists, and we offer free technical support by phone and e-mail.

We Won’t Slow You Down

All of Intego’s programs are fully optimized for Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, and won’t slow down your Mac. Intego software never needs to be deactivated when you install other programs, unlike some Mac anti-malware software.