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Built Exclusively for Mac

Choosing the right Mac security solution is vital because the software and security vendor you choose is tasked with protecting your most valuable information and sensitive data on your Mac. That’s why Intego has been focusing solely on protecting Mac since 1997, before any other vendor even considered protecting Macs. No other antivirus vendor or security company devotes as many resources or as much focus on protecting your Mac.

The Intego Malware Team

The Intego Malware Research Team works 24/7 to spot new malware as soon as it starts circulating. Once detected, they update malware definitions right away and make new threat filters available through NetUpdate.

Optimized for Mac

All of Intego’s programs are fully optimized for macOS 10.14 Mojave and won’t slow down your Mac. Intego software never needs to be deactivated when you install other programs, unlike some Mac anti-malware software.

Always a Step Ahead

Intego is almost always the first to discover new Mac malware or update our malware definitions whenever a new threat has been identified.

Intego Malware Glossary

Mac Awards

Intego has won numerous awards for its security software and excellence in business practices, all of which stress the quality and ease-of-use of Intego software.

Award-Winning Protection

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