The High Tech Society Reviews Washing Machine 2014

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5 Star Rating - HighTechSociety Reviews WM 2014

We love sharing the great reviews we get for our software, especially when they are as in-depth and well-written as Kimberly Carver’s review of Washing Machine 2014 at The High Tech Society. They published a fantastic review of Washing Machine, giving it 5 stars. Kimberly loves our new Mac cleaner, and says, “Washing Machine 2014’s performance is amazing.”

Kimberly tested five aspects of Intego’s powerful Mac cleaner: installation, features, design (interface), performance, and ease of use. On the performance of Washing Machine, she compared it with other Mac cleaners and concluded the following:

When reviewing Mac cleaners I not only run them on my iMac that is running Mountain Lion and on my MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard, I also run a comparison cleaning by running 2 or even 3 other Mac cleaners to see if they happen to find any “leftovers” or something else that the cleaner I am reviewing may have missed. […] So, final result in comparisons is that it did fantastic, better than others by far when I do this “test.”

On the other aspects of the software, Kimberly mentioned, “I love the look, the design, and the performance of the 2014 Washing Machine!” The only negative point she found was the software is missing “a box that would allow me to ‘select all’ when deleting duplicates.” Instead, Washing Machine allows you to click on each file and then choose to delete or not.

Kimberly summed up the review saying, “Washing your Mac is easier, and funner, than washing your clothes when using the new Washing Machine 2014 Mac cleaning software.” You can head over to The High Tech Society to read the Washing Machine 2014 review in its entirety.

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