NetBarrier X5 Protects Against the iServices Trojan Horse

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Intego has reported on two versions of a new Trojan horse, called iServices. The first version, found in an iWork installer, and the second version, found in a Photoshop CS4 installation disk image, are very similar, connecting to remote servers over the Internet. While Intego’s antivirus program VirusBarrier X5 will protect you, ensuring you don’t get infected, Intego’s firewall and antivandal, NetBarrier X5 can also be helpful in times of trouble. The program’s Trojan horse protection blocks outgoing connections of a number of Trojan horses, if you are infected.

With NetBarrier X5’s Trojan horse protection activated, the program blocks all outgoing traffic and creates a log entry saying that the data was blocked, and why.

NetBarrier X5 with filters dated January 26, 2009 or later protect against this Trojan horse. Make sure you keep your Mac safe with all the tools at your disposal: both an antivirus and a firewall are needed for optimal protection from today’s malware.

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