Intego Washing Machine Now Available on the Mac App Store

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Intego today announced that Washing Machine, the company’s popular program that cleans up files left behind by web browsers and other Internet programs, is now available from Apple’s Mac App Store. Washing Machine helps Mac users delete files, which take up space or present privacy risks, created by a number of programs that access the Internet. Users can clean files quickly, manually or automatically, and use secure cleaning to ensure that the files can never be recovered.

Washing Machine can clean five types of items: Bookmarks, Caches, Cookies, Download Histories, and Browsing Histories. It works with most web browsers, and many utilities or other programs that store information without users being aware. It even cleans up after some programs that users would never think are storing data. These files can take up several gigabytes, and can slow down applications and lead to longer time for backups.

Washing Machine uses “cleanlists” to store the items users want to clean, and “smart cleanlists” to find items to clean according to specific conditions. Washing Machine lets users clean items manually, either by individual item or by cleanlist, or automatically, with as many scheduled cleanings as the user wants.

Washing Machine cleans files created and saved by web browsers, as well as some RSS readers, e-mail programs, Twitter clients, development programs, and even applications such as iTunes, Front Row, Flash, Java and Spotify. It even cleans the caches of system utilities, such as QuickTime, Help Viewer, System Preferences, Dashboard and more.

Washing Machine 2 is available now in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. The US price is $9.99, with comparable prices in other currencies. Washing Machine is available from the Intego web site and from the Mac App Store.