Apple Recommends Antivirus Software

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Apple has issued a technical note about Mac antivirus software and, for the first time, suggests that Macs need such software. The note says:

“Apple encourages the widespread use of multiple antivirus utilities so that virus programmers have more than one application to circumvent, thus making the whole virus writing process more difficult.”

The note then goes on to mention three antivirus programs, with Intego VirusBarrier X5 listed first.

It is worth noting this since Apple, especially in its recent “Get a Mac” ads, has always publicly tried to ignore the threat of malware to Macs, as well as other security issues. We can only applaud the fact that Apple has chosen to recognize that Macs face security risks and that they require protection.

Update: It turns out this wasn’t the first time that Apple had made this statement. The original webpage was posted in June 2007, and was only updated on November 21. But Apple has since pulled the page, saying it was “old and inaccurate”…

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