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Mac Informer Reviews Family Protector

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Mac Informer Editor's pick awardMac Informer, a site designed to keep users informed about the latest trends and developments of software, has published a praising review of Family Protector for Mac. They published an editorial review of Family Protector, written by Ashley Griggs, giving our program a perfect 5 star editor rating. Ashley loves our parental control software, and awarded Family Protector with the Mac Informer Editor’s Pick award.

In the editorial review, Ashley reiterated what we’ve been saying all along. She explained, “Family Protector will make sure your kids won’t access any websites containing adult or violent content, use unrecommended apps within your Mac or have an inappropriate conversation with a stranger.” Ashley concluded the review saying, “To sum things up, this program proves to be a reliable solution when it comes to preventing your kids from surfing on objectionable websites.”

You can head over to Mac Informer to read the Family Protector review in its entirety.

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Editor’s note, updated June 1:

We have changed the Family Protector name back to ContentBarrier for our Mac OS X parental controls. You can find the latest version using NetUpdate on your Mac. Our Mac parental controls product remains exactly the same as before — only the name has changed. We are now using the Family Protector name for our iOS parental control app.