Learn About Mac Malware

Posted on July 10th, 2010 by

While viruses exist, there are relatively few of them compared to other forms of malware. (This is not only true for Macs, but also for Windows.) Today’s malware uses different techniques, and the goal is different. Rather than writing malware just for the fun of infecting computers, the malware that spreads now is written by cyber-criminals to make money. Viruses don’t make money, but Trojan horses, which can install malicious software to take control of computers, can.

Intego has published a page about Mac malware discussing the different types of malware that affect Macs, and providing definitions of the different types. While the general public – and some journalists – use the term “virus” to talk about malware, this is incorrect. Take a few minutes to learn more about malware that affects Macs.