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Use KidSet with Family Protector to Avoid Child Meltdowns

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Every parent can relate — you’re at a grocery store with your kid and, of course, they start to get bored. They want their iPhone to help pass time, but something’s wrong. A storm is brewing. They left their iPhone at home. So, what does your kid do? Starts to throw a fit, because they want — no, they need — to play their favorite game! They want LeapFrog and they want it now.

And so it begins: The mother of all tantrums.

But, wait! You have an iPhone, too. And you didn’t leave it at home. Yet, like many parents with unprotected phones, you hesitate to hand it over to your child; you never know what your kid may find or do with your iPhone. Fortunately, we’ve created the perfect solution, called KidSet. With KidSet, you can hand your iPhone to your child — worry free.

KidSet comes with the Family Protector app and allows you to quickly assign your own device to your child with just a few taps. This app is not required to use with Family Protector, however, it gives you fast options when you need it most. Like when your child is in meltdown mode and wants to use your iOS mobile device.

To use KidSet on the device you want to hand your child, simply tap the KidSet icon, choose which child you wish to assign the device to, and use your login, your passcode, or your fingerprint to authorize the change. This prevents your child from assigning the device to a higher level of permission themselves and drastically reduces the amount of time it takes you to assign the device to your child.

Want to see just how easy it is to assign a device to your child with parental control settings appropriate for their age? Check out our quick demo YouTube video:

Once you assign your device to your child with KidSet, only age-appropriate apps, iBooks, TV, movies and video will be available to them. The Safari browser will be hidden; they will only have access to Rook, Intego’s kid safe browser, which keep their web browsing experience age-appropriate.

For more help using KidSet with Family Protector, visit our support center.

Ready to give Family Protector a try? Download Family Protector today and take advantage of our 14 day free trial!