Intego interviewed about home-centric shift in cybersecurity

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SafetyDetectives recently published an interview about Intego, in which I was asked about how the world of cybersecurity has changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the interview, I talked about:

  • how organizations have had to change their approach to cybersecurity
  • how end-users are rethinking security and privacy in light of the pandemic
  • what Intego is doing to meet the needs of work-at-home and learn-at-home users—including preparing for day-one support of macOS Big Sur, and launching Intego Antivirus for Windows

Check out the full Intego 2020 interview on the SafetyDetectives site.

If you enjoy reading this year’s interview, SafetyDetectives also interviewed me in 2019 about (among other things):

  • what we can expect to happen in the cybersecurity landscape in coming years
  • what makes Intego unique when it comes to protecting our customers
  • some of the biggest threats that users face today

You can read the Intego 2019 interview on SafetyDetectives’ site as well.

How can I learn more?

Of course, you don’t have to rely solely on interviews to learn more about what’s happening at Intego, or in the cybersecurity scene in general.

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