How Online Daters Can Stay Safe from the Dangers of the Web

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How Online Daters Can Stay Safe from the Dangers of the Web

As we all know, online dating can be a risky endeavor, and not just romantically. I mean, it’s one of the few romantic pursuits where ending up a victim of fraud is a realistic possibility, so it’s wise to take care. To this end, I was recently interviewed by the folks at and offered some helpful online safety tips, and I think it’s a good time to share these so you can go through them. Of course, security isn’t a concern for me – I’m a pretty tough guy, and have taken classes in Shaolin Snake Kung Fu, the Chinese art of running away or slithering up a tall tree at the first sign of danger. But I worry about you, my reader. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you guys because, well, there really aren’t enough of you to spare. So, with your security in mind, let’s get right to it.

From the interview, here is an excerpt from the introduction:

Online dating can be tough work. The profiles seem endless, and when you find someone you might like, you then have to navigate through the first conversations. Protecting your heart during this process is usually top of mind, and the last thing you want to worry about is safeguarding your computer, phone, and personal data.

But, for those in the online dating game, the criminals who employ malware and phishing scams to steal your information and money are a real threat. According to Security Intelligence, the online journal for IT security industry professionals, the risks associated with online dating fall into two categories: people and systems.

Singles looking for love on the web sometimes drop their guard in an effort to get to know someone. This leaves them open to social engineering and phishing scams where criminals try to solicit chunks of personal data to get at their money. Malware is also a concern on sites that haven’t fully protected their registration systems against attacks, which means personal information can then be acquired by nefarious software.

To protect against these threats, what’s needed is a robust web security solution that shields personal information from malware and those who are trying to gain unauthorized access to it. For 20 years, Intego has been providing security for online daters using Macs and Apple devices.

If you’re an online dater and want to stay safe from the dangers of the Web, you can head over to to read the interview in its entirety. Stay safe, everyone!

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