Duplicate Zapper 1.02 Improves Duplicate File Scanning

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Intego has released a new version of its popular duplicate file remover, Duplicate Zapper, available exclusively on the Mac App Store. The update brings Duplicate Zapper to version 1.02, and improves duplicate file scanning and includes bug fixes.

Here’s what’s new in Duplicate Zapper 1.02:

Duplicate File Removal Improvements

  • Improved deleted duplicates count
  • Improved sorting algorithm
  • Improved document preview

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where some duplicates are not deleted (e.g., reporting 0 bytes deleted)
  • French, German and Spanish localization improvements.
  • If the user chooses to sort files by “Selected” and then selects more files, the sort will not be refreshed to reflect this change. This is fixed in 1.02.
  • Some minor visual fixes such as the file preview appearing in front of the blueprints, alternating rows not appearing in non-English views, and more.

Duplicate Zapper 1.02 is the most powerful, advanced and effective way to easily find and remove duplicates based on file content, not just the name or timestamp. With auto-select, you get more search control and faster results: sort by name, extension, size, type and more. Duplicate Zapper will never scan important system or application files, ensuring your Mac stays safe.

Give Duplicate Zapper a try—experience the easy way to find and delete duplicate files!