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  • Duplicate types
  • Duplicate locations
  • Analyzing your files...
  • Duplicates zapped!
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Find and delete duplicates from your Mac

  • Safeguards critical system and application files
  • Removes unnecessary clutter
  • Frees-up disc space for more important things
  • Boosts your Mac’s performance
  • Let’s you control what gets scanned

Find and delete duplicates from your Mac with Duplicate Zapper

Made by the Mac experts at Intego, Duplicate Zapper finds and removes duplicates based on file content, not just the name or timestamp. With auto-select, you get more search control and faster results: sort by name, extension, size, type and more. Take a quick look or reveal in Finder—Duplicate Zapper makes finding duplicates easy. Plus, Duplicate Zapper will never scan important system or application files, ensuring your Mac stays safe.

Duplicate Zapper is based on the duplicate function in Intego Mac Washing Machine. To remove duplications and keep your Mac clean and organized try Mac Washing Machine, or choose Mac Washing Machine Secure X9 for all that plus security!

Product Comparison

    • Searches based on file content, not just name and date
    • Search the files types you want with search restrictions
    • Exclude shared folders or other locations with search location restrictions
    • Choose the way files are deleted
    • Auto-select makes managing and reviewing duplicates easy
  • Washing Machine Secure X8 does all this plus:

    • Reclaims disk space, improving Mac performance
    • Organizes your desktop, dock and files
    • Protects your Mac from malware and viruses with award-winning VirusBarrier X8
    • Provides worry-free firewall protection from unknown devices and applications with NetBarrier X8

See Duplicate Zapper in Action

  • Choose what files to look for
  • Choose where to look
  • Filter and sort results
  • Automatically select duplicates
  • Zap!
    Zap 'em!

Does your Mac need more than its duplicates zapped?

Try Mac Washing Machine Secure X9

Mac Washing Machine Secure X9 features the duplicate finder function that inspired Duplicate Zapper, plus so much more. With Mac Washing Machine Secure X9, you can:

  • Reclaim Space- free up disc space for more important things
  • Delete Duplicates- reduce unnecessary clutter on your Mac
  • Get Organized- whip your desktop, dock and files into shape
  • Secure Your Mac- get award-winning antivirus and firewall protection

Learn more about Mac Washing Machine Secure X9 Today!

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