Washing Machine 10.8.1 Update Boosts Security, Improves Performance

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Intego is happy to announce the release of Washing Machine 10.8.1 for Mac, which comes to you as an update that boosts security and improves scan performance. The software update offers several new features, including secure cleaning and the option to scan custom locations for duplicate files. Washing Machine 10.8.1 is available in English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish.

Secure Cleaning

Intego Washing Machine’s new Secure Cleaning feature allows you to customize the level of security for the deletion of reclaimed items and duplicates. Secure Cleaning offers three levels of security to choose from when deleting items. Additionally, Washing Machine 10.8.1 will warn you when confirming your cleaning that the deletion time may be longer depending on the level of secure cleaning you have chosen.

Washing Machine Advanced Preferences window Secure Cleaning

Scan Custom Locations for Duplicates

After you choose your file type categories to scan for in the Duplicates cycle, you will also be able to choose what locations to include or exclude in the scan. You can populate the list and turn your selections on or off. This feature will give you a great deal more control on what is scanned and address performance issues by allowing you to focus scans if general scans take too long.

All new features in the Washing Machine 2014 update:

  • Choose which locations to scan for duplicates from within Washing Machine. Excluding certain locations (like a backup folder or external drive) speeds up the scan 
  • Drag and drop Finders right to the Washing Machine search location in duplicates
  • Secure cleaning—overwrite files selected for deletion, ensuring they are truly removed from your hard drive
  • User interface improvements—updated instructions and interface make using Washing Machine easier than ever
  • User notifications—during longer scans, you can continue working in other applications; the Washing Machine icon will bounce once the scan completes
  • With the check of a box, Washing Machine automatically saves the latest version of a file when scanning for duplicates

A risk-free, limited trial version available on the site allows you to scan your Mac to see how much space can be reclaimed and how many duplicate files are on your computer. You must buy the full version to clean items off your Mac.

Clean, organize and speed up your Mac today: Download Intego Washing Machine 2014.