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Increase your privacy with CyberGhost VPN

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If you’ve followed Intego’s blog and podcast for a while, you may recall that we’ve mentioned the privacy and security benefits of VPNs—virtual private networks—several times. As a quick recap, here are just a handful of the advantages that a good personal VPN can provide:

  • hide your personal IP address from sites you visit, apps you use, and people you e-mail
  • secure your Internet traffic when using public or untrusted Wi-Fi networks (e.g. at a hotel or restaurant)
  • enable you to see the Web as it’s displayed in other countries
  • watch your favorite video streaming services when you’re traveling outside of your home country
  • get better deals on hotels and flights (some companies offer better pricing depending on your perceived geolocation)

Of course, it’s very important to choose a trustworthy VPN provider. We’ve mentioned on the Intego Mac Podcast that CyberGhost VPN is Intego’s sister company, and it’s our top recommendation for a safe, secure, and private VPN.

For a limited time, Intego customers can get a special discount via this link.

If you don’t subscribe to a VPN service yet, increase your privacy and mobile security now with CyberGhost VPN at a great price.

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