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Epic disasters: ZombieLoad, WhatsApp, Google 2FA Keys, Microsoft RDP – Intego Mac Podcast, Episode 83

Posted on May 17th, 2019 by

New Intego Mac Podcast Episode

The Intego Mac Podcast episode 83 is now available! It has been a busy week, chock full of news about security vulnerabilities.

ZombieLoad affects all recent Intel processors, and Apple has issued a fix for it (well, for certain Mac models, anyway).

Meanwhile, a serious WhatsApp vulnerability made the evening news because it was so dangerous.

Also, Google had an issue with Bluetooth in its two-factor authentication keys, and Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol had a failure so colossal that Microsoft had to issue patches all the way back to Windows XP.

Be sure to check out the episode show notes for links to the stories.

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