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Adobe Releases Security Updates Galore

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Adobe has released a number of security updates for its software, fixing dozens of flaws and vulnerabilities, in their latest quarterly update release.

First out are updates to Adobe Reader and Acrobat. Fixing a baker’s dozen vulnerabilities, these are essential updates, as users may open PDFs found on the web. Mac users can download the latest version of Adobe Reader here, and can get Acrobat here. The vulnerabilities for these programs are considered critical.

Next comes Shockwave Player, whose security update patches two dozen vulnerabilities that Adobe considers to be critical. Mac users can get the latest version of Shockwave Player here.

Finally, the Flash Player update patches just one vulnerability, considered to be critical, and Mac users can get a new version of Flash Player here. Don’t count on that auto-updater doing anything, not every alerting you; we haven’t seen any alerts since it was added a couple of updates ago.