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How to Keep Your Tax Information Safe [Infographic]

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April 15 is fast approaching, and many of you have yet to file your taxes. Each year more and more people choose to e-file tax returns, since it’s typically fast, convenient, and fairly straightforward. But after you send your information off to the mean ol’ IRS, don’t forget that you have an unguarded, vulnerable, and very important file containing sensitive personal information on your computer.

We put together an infographic to outline how your tax information is vulnerable and why it’s important to properly safeguard it from malicious folks who want to use it for personal and financial gain. Take a look and remember to be smart about your tax information!

How to keep your tax information safe and secure infographic


If you haven’t filed your taxes yet, be sure to follow our five quick security tips, and then take appropriate steps as outlined above to protect your tax information after filing.