New Variant of DevilRobber Trojan Found in Three Mac Apps

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Intego’s malware researchers have found a new variant of the DevilRobber Trojan horse, which they first discovered in October. The latest variant – DevilRobber.D (there have been two others in between) – has been spotted in three Mac applications distributed via BitTorrent trackers. The applications in question are Writer’s Café, EvoCam and Twitterrific.

It is important to note that the original applications, obtained from the developers’ web sites, are not infected, but that malicious users distribute infected versions via BitTorrent trackers. If you use these applications, and have purchased them from the developers, you have nothing to worry about.

In the meantime, VirusBarrier X6 protects against this Trojan horse. Intego updated its malware definitions to recognize this malware, but the existing malware definitions, for previous variants, already blocked it.