Intego Releases New 2013 Antivirus and Mac Security Product Line

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Intego has had huge success in the consumer Mac antivirus market thanks to nearly 15 years of experience and dedication to protecting Apple products. Our award-winning X6 products have done a great job protecting our customers and keeping their Macs free of malware and other nasty threats, but they needed a little sprucing up. Now, after much hard work and dedication from our fantastic team, we’re very thrilled and proud to announce our brand new 2013 product line!

Antivirus for Mac software from Intego

In addition to our new 2013 suite of products, you may have noticed a full redesign of our website,, and our Mac Security Blog. The new site matches the aesthetic of our products: clean, simple, and easy to use. We also approached our 2013 product line with the goal of keeping our customers’ digital world clean, secure, and private without forcing them to struggle with complex settings or an unintuitive interface. Mac security should be effective, straightforward, and unobtrusive, and that’s exactly how we designed our 2013 bundles to operate.

Intego is very proud to protect your digital world with the most advanced security technology available. Our products are all built exclusively for Mac and are outlined below:

Mac Security Products for Home

  • Intego Mac Internet Security 2013: Intego’s OS X Mountain Lion compatible security solution for your Mac includes protection against malware, network attacks, strangers, and suspicious applications and programs.
  • Intego Mac Internet Security Premium 2013: Our Premium version of Intego Mac Internet Security contains the aforementioned antivirus protection and firewall capabilities but also includes our newest product, Identity Scrubber. This personal information finder will seek out and protect or shred all sorts of sensitive information stored on your Mac, whether it’s a credit card number, social security number, address, phone number, or custom data.
  • Intego Family Protector: Create an Internet environment safe for your children with Mac parental controls that are designed to let your family enjoy their favorite web destinations while protecting them from strangers and inappropriate content.
  • Intego Family Protector Premium: Our Premium Version of Intego Family Protector adds antivirus protection and network security. That way, not only is your family safe from hidden dangers when they go online, they’ll also be protected from anything that tries to entire their Macs, whether it’s malware, untrusted applications, or strangers trying to steal data.
  • Intego Mac Premium Bundle 2013: The Gold standard in Mac security software, this bundle contains everything you’ll need to keep your digital world safe, protected, clean, and secure. It protects you against malware and network attacks, seeks out and protects the sensitive personal information hiding on your Mac, keeps your kids safe when they go online, performs regular, reliable backups of your data, and scrubs your digital footprint clean by clearing caches and erasing cookies.
  • VirusBarrier iOS: Our updated app provides on-demand scanning for your iPhone and iPad and detects malicious files hiding in email attachments so you don’t pass them onto your home machines or to your friends and colleagues.

Mac Security Products for Business

  • Virus Barrier 2013: Intego’s acclaimed antivirus for Mac automatically scans for malware and online threats for around-the-clock protection.
  • Net Barrier 2013: Automatic network protection blocks strangers and suspicious applications from accessing your Mac.
  • Identity Scrubber 2013: Our brand-new product designed to seek out and protect important sensitive information like credit card numbers, employee records, internal codes, and more.
  • VirusBarrier iOS: Keep your work machines free of malware by scanning email attachments and catching malicious files that can otherwise pass undetected from your employees’ iPhones and iPads to the company computers.

We also would like to welcome you to Intego’s new Apple Resource Center, your one-stop shop for guides, resources, and helpful information about Apple products. Here you can learn more about the threats that can target your Mac, read tips on keeping your Mac and your digital world secure, and find out new tips and tricks for your iDevices. The Intego Apple Resource Center was designed to be the number one source for everything you need to know about your Mac to get the most out of it. We hope you enjoy!

Try our new 2013 Mac security products and tell us what you think! Current X6 customers will enjoy a free upgrade to the appropriate 2013 counterpart (the updated products are available for download through our renew/upgrade page). If you’re a new customer, you can take our products out for a test drive with a free trial—check out our product page for more information.

We hope you love our new site, blog, and product line and can’t wait to ring in the new year with you by providing you with stellar Mac security throughout 2013!