Before You Upgrade to Lion, Make Sure to Back Up

Posted on July 21st, 2011 by

With OS X Lion out, a lot of people will take advantage of the weekend to upgrade their Macs to the new operating system. But before running the upgrade, you should do the single most important thing to protect your files: back them up. Ideally, you should back up your entire startup disk, “cloning” it, making a full copy that you can boot from if you have any problems. To do this, you need an external hard disk, but you can get a good-sized one for around $100. And this is a device you should own, to back up your files regularly.

If you don’t have an external hard disk, you can back up your important files – those in your home folder – to DVDs, but it takes a bit longer. You can also back up to a network volume, if you have other computers on a network, or to an online server.

You can perform all of these tasks with Intego Personal Backup, which is part of the Internet Security suite. With Personal Backup, you can make bootable backups (clones), regular backups, and even synchronize folders across two Macs. You can back up to any kind of device that your Mac can read and write data to: hard disks, network volumes, DVDs and more.

So back up your files now, then install Lion and discover Apple’s great new operating system.