Apple Offers Sneak Peek at Lion

Posted on October 21st, 2010 by

Apple yesterday had a “Back to the Mac” event, where they provided a sneak peak at a few of the features to be included in the next version of Mac OS X 10.7, Lion. In the approximately 90 minute event, Steve Jobs, assisted by several key Apple personnel, presented the new Mac App Store, Launchpad, Mission Control and full-screen apps. With a goal of bringing the best of the iOS to Mac OS X, Apple showed of a few of the ways they are working to simplify the Mac’s operating system.

Intego is looking forward to this new version of Mac OS X, announced for release in summer 2011, and is excited about these new features. Intego, as always, will have all of its software – such as VirusBarrier and Internet Security Barrier updated for full compatibility with Lion on the day of its release, if not before, so Intego customers can be sure that their Macs will be protected from the dangers of the Internet.

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