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iMuscle – for iPhone and iPad

Posted on April 18th, 2012 by

As this comes from someone writing for a security company’s blog, this revelation probably will not surprise you; I am a huge nerd, and I have been since I was wee. In elementary school, during one parent/teacher conference, my teacher expressed concern that I should take something other than art and science classes so that I could learn to balance my giant, bookish head on my spindly little limbs.

It took me another 20 years to heed her advice, but now I naturally combine my love of learning and computers with my new-found love of getting up off my butt and doing active things. Until recently, this was mostly limited to finding instructional roller skate dancing videos or reading yoga blogs. But now, I have found something space-age awesome.

iMuscle is like the Visible Man model you see in doctors’ offices, in virtual form. The representation being on an iPhone or iPad, it’s much more interactive but still viewable in three dimensions. There are tons of different ways to search for things, by name or using the model. My favorite bit is that you can zoom in to specific muscles to see animated stretches and exercises that use that muscle.

So when I tweak that area at the top of my back by staring at the computer screen too long, I don’t have to wait till the next yoga class to ask the teacher what I can do to unkink it!

You can also use iMuscle to track your exercising progress. You can create multiple exercise routines for multiple users, and then track changes in strength or endurance over time. And should you want to share your routines with a workout buddy, you can do that too.

I was showing my Dad some exercises on this App, as he was trying to rehab a couple of injuries. He didn’t have any Apple devices at that point, but after looking at the cost of similar options on Windows machines, he actually broke down and got an iPod. I never thought I would see my 60-something father getting giddy about Apps, much less converting to Apple so easily and enthusiastically.