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Lockscreen Flaw May Be Fixed in iOS 6.1.3 But Breaks Jailbreak

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We wrote a couple weeks ago about a lockscreen flaw that allows someone with physical access to an iPhone to access data on the phone despite it being locked. Well, yet another lockscreen flaw has been identified which allows a similar situation to occur, but this time it allows the attacker access to more data. The first flaw is now rumored to be included in iOS 6.1.3, though it remains to be seen if the fix will address the underlying issue in both bugs or if we’ll have to wait for a later update to address both. Many folks will be waiting with bated breath for that update to be officially released.

The flip-side of the iOS 6.1.3 update is that it evidently breaks the recent Evasi0n jailbreak. So people who wish to keep their jailbreak may have to live with the lockscreen flaw. This is one of the less-discussed ways jailbreaking can decrease the security of your devices; you may have to live with certain security vulnerabilities that Apple has addressed in more recent versions of the OS.