Intego CEO Jeff Erwin and Senior Security Analyst Lysa Myers on The Tech Night Owl

Posted on March 4th, 2013 by

Intego’s CEO Jeff Erwin and I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Gene Steinberg for the Tech Night Owl the other day to discuss Mac malware and our new 2013 product line. If you missed the live version, you can still download the file from the archive. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Gene’s show, you should definitely check it out, as he’s a tech savvy guy who does a lot of interviews with interesting people within the computing industry.

In the course of our 20 minutes of radio-fame, we covered a variety of subjects you might expect us to opine about. Our first point of discussion was the myth that Macs don’t get malware – Java has been a particular problem lately as it makes cross-platform development easier not just for legitimate developers but malicious ones as well. Apple’s developers recently got an object lesson in this problem.

After we discussed the malware landscape, it was time for some product discussion. We do have an iOS product called VirusBarrier iOS, and it scans not just iOS files but any files that you access via iOS (through Dropbox, email, etc.) so you won’t be a Typhoid Mary sending viruses to your friends. Identity Scrubber (available for English-speaking users via Mac Internet Security Premium or our Mac Premium Bundle) is one of our newest additions. It’s a very cool product that finds sensitive data on your machine so you can lock it or remove it. Family Protector is a good way to protect your kids on the Internet – you wouldn’t push your kid on a tricycle onto the freeway, nor should you leave them on the information superhighway unprotected. Our products have been Mac-focused for many years, which means they’re optimized specifically for Macs. The newest version of VirusBarrier in particular has been streamlined so that it scan much more quickly, and NetBarrier is more user-friendly and intuitive.

Many thanks to Gene for inviting us to appear on his show. To listen to the archive, download it here.