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Intego X9 software is now compatible with macOS Catalina

Seattle, WA, NOVEMBER, 2019
We are happy to announce that all our X9 series products are now compatible with the new macOS Catalina.
As always, we are staying ahead and making sure your Mac devices are secured and protected.

X9 Version compatible with Catalina:

  • VirusBarrier – 10.9.22
  • NetBarrier – 10.9.10
  • ContentBarrier – 10.9.6
  • Personal Backup – 10.9.7
  • Washing Machine – 10.9.7
  • NetUpdate – 10.9.9
  • Common Components – 10.9.13

About Intego
Intego offers an award-winning line of products providing Mac security and enhancing Mac performance. Intego has been designing software to protect and optimize Apple products for over 17 years. No other company has been focused on Mac security and performance as long as Intego. Intego creates products for a full range of Mac and iOS devices, such as iPhones and iPads. Its depth of experience allows the company to create software that not only works well, but is elegant and intuitive. Much like a Mac.

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