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Ready to join forces with the leading Mac security provider? Offer your customers Intego security software and earn hefty cash commissions for your efforts. Every referral from your site, direct marketing, or social media campaign can net you as much as 50%!

The Intego affiliate program costs you absolutely nothing. There is no start-up fee, no monthly maintenance costs, and no minimums. You can rest easy knowing that you’re connecting your customers with the most reliable Mac security software on the market

The Intego affiliate program is managed through Commission Junction. Click the link below to join the program and start making money today!

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  1. Click the link below and sign up through Commission Junction or Impact Radius.
  2. We provide you with professionally designed banners for your Web marketing efforts.
  3. You will earn a minimum of 15% and up to a 50% commission for each lead that purchases an Intego product. Percentage is based on performance.

Benefits of Becoming an Affiliate

  • High conversion rate. We convert your traffic! Intego’s respected brand, high-quality software, competitive price-point and great value results in a conversion rate that averages 2% across all earning affiliates.
  • Great commission. We pay a minimum of 15% on each sale you make through the affiliates program and up to 50% depending on performance.
  • Trusted management. The Intego affiliates program operates through the Commission Junction affiliates network and is managed professionally.
  • 45-day cookies. The users you direct to us don’t have to buy immediately for you to benefit. Our cookies last 45 days, so if your users return to the Intego online store and buy, even weeks later, we will still pay you.
  • Full Support. As an Intego affiliate you'll receive regular newsletters that will give you the tools and resources needed to improve the sales of Intego products. We will also keep you up-to-speed on affiliate competitions, special bonuses, etc.
  • Free content. Intego offers affiliates quality content to be used on websites and in email marketing.
  • Award-winning products. Earn great commissions selling products that have earned numerous awards and worldwide Mac industry recognition.
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