VirusBarrier Server 3 Preferences and Configurations

VirusBarrier Server Admin Preferences

VirusBarrier Server Admin preferences only offers one option: the choice of whether the program asks for an administrator password on launch. To access this setting, choose VirusBarrier Server Admin > Preferences, and check the option.

These preferences also give you access to NetUpdate, a program that checks if any Intego programs have been updated. This program is installed at the same time as VirusBarrier Server Admin or other Intego programs. It checks for updates for all Intego programs at the same time, and can download and install updates for the programs installed on your computer. To check for updates, click Check Now.

For more on using NetUpdate, see the Intego Getting Started Manual.

NetUpdate Scheduling Preferences

Through the VirusBarrier Server Admin program, you can set how Intego NetUpdate checks for new versions of your Intego software. To do so:

  1. Click the Browser tab,
  2. Click your server in the upper-left pane,
  3. Click NetUpdate in the upper-right pane.

The Scheduling pane provides access to the following controls:

The Preferences pane has the following controls:

Working with Configurations

VirusBarrier Server 3 lets you save multiple configurations. Each configuration contains all the settings and preferences you have applied to VirusBarrier Server 3 in its different screens and preferences. You may also want a specific set for less protection when you are connected only to a local network, and additional protection when you're serving files to the Internet. You may want to have a configuration that sends you e-mail messages when any intrusions occur, for when you are not at your computer.

You see configurations when the Browser pane is active. VirusBarrier Server 3 comes with one configuration, called default. (You can't delete this configuration.)

The action button next to the list lets you duplicate, edit, remove and hide configurations.

Creating, Editing and Deleting Configurations

You create a new configuration by clicking the action button and selecting Duplicate Configuration from the pop-up menu that appears.

This new configuration has the same name as the one you duplicated, with the word "copy" appended. Rename it by clicking the action button and selecting Edit Configuration from the pop-up menu. A window appears.

After the area where you can change the configuration's name follows the Save as active configuration section. By changing the two criteria in this section, you can determine when VirusBarrier Server 3 will automatically switch from one configuration to another. The options are:

You can add multiple criteria to this section by clicking the + sign to the right, or remove existing criteria by clicking the - sign.

The Comments field is a place for any description or notes you'd care to add: they don't affect operation of the configuration in any way.

To save your the changes you've made to the configuration, click the Apply button at the bottom-right of the VirusBarrier Server Admin window.

To make your new configuration become, active click the Action button and choose Set as Active Configuration.

You can now make any changes to VirusBarrier Server 3 that you want, and they are saved under the current configuration. To make another configuration active, simply switch to it using the pop-up menu, then choose Set as Active Configuration from the Action button. You can also select another configuration from the Configurations list in the Intego Menu, if you are working on the server whose configuration you wish to change. (For more information about the Intego Menu, see the Intego Getting Started Manual.)

To delete the active configuration, select Remove Configuration... from the pop-up menu. You'll see a dialog box that asks you to confirm the deletion. VirusBarrier Server 3 will switch to the default configuration after deletion of the current one.

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