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Intego Launches Duplicate Zapper on Mac App Store For Easy File Management

June 26, 2014 – Seattle, USA – Intego, the leading provider of security products and utilities built exclusively for Mac users, today launched its new Mac App Store application, Duplicate Zapper, for the quick, easy and thorough removal of duplicate files.

Based on the functionality found in its popular Mac cleaning software Washing Machine, Duplicate Zapper offers the same powerful, advanced and effective way to find and remove duplicate files that could be clogging up your Mac, wasting precious hard drive space and causing performance issues. This focused, well-priced product is available to those who prefer to shop on the Mac App Store.

"Duplicate file detection and cleanup is one of the most important things a user can do to keep their Mac healthy and performing well. Duplicate files seem to build up in a Mac like plaque without the user being aware of the problem. Duplicate Zapper takes a fresh approach to the task, actually comparing contents, not just time stamps and file size. It also avoids files that are critical to either OSX or installed applications so you can’t damage anything." Jeff Erwin CEO Intego

Available for just $6.99, Duplicate Zapper contains everything you need to manage your Mac more efficiently:

  • Searches your Mac based on file contents, not just name or date, finding all true duplicates
  • Delete files the way you want: delete to trash, delete completely, or secure delete to provide the level of security you are looking for.
  • Auto-select options make it easier to manage and review your duplicates
  • Scan through thousands of files without any performance impact
  • Sort file option for quick and easy viewing of duplicates
  • Avoids system-critical and application-critical files to avoid problems.
  • Intuitive user interface means anyone can use it
  • Leveraging Intego’s long history and experience with Mac software, Duplicate Zapper has been built around user confidence and trust. It safeguards critical system and application files and can be set to delete duplicates to the Trash Bin first for easy recovery if necessary.

    Its easy-to-configure searching also lets you contain your search to local folders and Mac archives. It also lets you search for just commonly-used file types like Movies, Documents, Music and Photos. Search location restrictions stop scans in shared folders or other unnecessary locations to save time.

    Duplicate Zapper is available exclusively on the Mac App Store at $6.99.

    System Requirements

    • Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8 or 10.9
    • Mac computer with 64-bit processor

    About Intego

    Intego: The Experts in Mac Security and Performance

    Intego offers an award-winning line of products providing Mac security and enhancing Mac performance. Intego has been designing software to protect and optimize Apple products for 17 years. No other company has been focused on Mac security and performance as long as Intego —as evidenced by the dozens of awards its products have received.

    Intego creates products for a full range of Mac and iOS devices, such as iPhones and iPads. Its depth of experience allows the company to create software that not only works well, but also is elegant and intuitive. Much like a Mac.

    For more information on Intego, visit www.intego.com.

    Contact Information

    Marco Fiori
    Bamboo PR
    [email protected]
    +44 207 702 6061

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