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Intego Unveils Family Protector To Help Parents Ease Their iAnxiety

Designed Exclusively For Apple Devices, Family Protector Empowers Parents to Take Back Control Devices of Online Activities for Children of All Ages

SEATTLE, Wash – June 2, 2015 – Intego, the leading provider of security solutions for the Mac, today introduced Family Protector, a new parental control product designed exclusively for Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. Family Protector was created to help busy parents set appropriate limits on device and app usage, prevent accidental app and in-app purchases, monitor Web activities, and easily control access to content based on the age of their children.

“As every parent can attest, technology is both a blessing and a curse. As mobile devices and apps become more pervasive in our lives, parents find themselves worrying more about what their children might be exposed,” said Jeff Erwin, President & CEO of Intego. “We listened closely to what parents were looking for in a parental control product and believe we found just the right balance between control and flexibility. With Family Protector, parents can easily worry-proof all of their iOS devices and be assured that their children are safe while maintaining a trusting relationship with their children.”

Family Protector provides an easy way for busy parents to set up and manage iOS mobile device parental controls. After signing up, a parent can quickly install Family Protector across all of their iOS devices and use the on-screen guide to create customized settings based on a variety of factors, such as the age of their children, the number of devices and the desired level of protection. Key features include:

  • Scheduled Access Control: Automatically define a schedule of approved or restricted days and times when Web browsing, the built-in camera, and apps can be accessed on the device
  • Prevent App & In App Purchases: Avoid unpleasant billing surprises with parental controls that prevent children from making inadvertent app and in-app purchases
  • Monitor Web Activities: Easily monitor and restrict which sites children are browsing across all their devices
  • Intelligent Age-Based Controls: Simplify content limits by selecting the age range of a child that automatically sets age-appropriate rules to the device, which can then be easily customized.

Family Protector is only available in English at this time and costs $5 per month (€6.00, £4.50 and ¥ 750) and covers up to 15 iOS devices and unlimited family managers/administrators. Parents can manage their accounts from any web browser or through an iOS or Android management app, which will be available on their respective app stores. Unlike most other parental control products available in the market, Family Protector does not require an annual subscription and can be cancelled at any time. Also unlike other products, Family Protector does not require a jailbroken iPhone, nor does it redirect traffic though a proprietary server or require a user’s private iCloud account credentials. A full feature 14-day free trial is available for all users.

For more information about Family Protector visit www.intego.com to watch a brief video.

About Intego

Intego offers an award-winning line of products providing Mac security and enhancing Mac performance. Intego has been designing software to protect and optimize Apple products for over 17 years. No other company has been focused on Mac security and performance as long as Intego. Intego creates products for a full range of Mac and iOS devices, such as iPhones and iPads. Its depth of experience allows the company to create software that not only works well, but is elegant and intuitive. Much like a Mac. For more information on Intego, visit the website

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