Intego VirusBarrier X5 Compared to Apple’s Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Anti-Malware Function

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Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard includes a new anti-malware function, which scans some files downloaded or received with some applications for a handful of Trojan horses and other malware. While Apple is finally recognizing the malware threat to Macs, this function is very limited compared with Intego VirusBarrier X5. The following is a comparison of the two, showing why Intego VirusBarrier X5 is far superior to Apple’s simple anti-malware function included in Snow Leopard.

Intego’s Virus Monitoring Center, with a decade of experience protecting Macs from malware, has been the first to discover almost every strain of malware that affects Macs. Intego issues new virus definitions for VirusBarrier within hours of discovering new malware, or new variants of existing malware.

Intego has been the precursor in protecting Macs since it released the first personal firewall for Mac (NetBarrier) in 1999, and has a full line of security products that protect Mac users’ security and privacy.

Intego VirusBarrier X5 Apple's anti-malware function
VirusBarrier X5 runs on Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Leopard and Tiger (10.4 or later) and protects Macs with both PowerPC and Intel processors. Apple's anti-malware function runs only on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, and only on Macs with Intel processors.
VirusBarrier X5 scans files downloaded by any application: web browsers, e-mail clients, instant messaging programs, FTP programs, BitTorrent clients and any other file transfer software. Apple's anti-malware function only scans files downloaded with a handful of applications (Safari, Mail, iChat, Firefox, Entourage, and a few other web browsers).
VirusBarrier X5's real-time scanner scans all files automatically so malware is detected immediately. Apple's anti-malware function only scans files that have been downloaded with certain applications, and only when those files are double-clicked or opened.
VirusBarrier X5's on-demand scanner can also scan individual files, folders or applications on demand, and performs fast scans using Turbo mode. No such feature.
VirusBarrier X5 uses behavioral analysis to spot new variants of existing malware as soon as they appear. No such feature.
VirusBarrier X5 spots polymorphic and metamorphic malware. No such feature.
VirusBarrier X5 scans most types of archives, including disk images (.dmg), Zip archives (.zip) and other common formats. No such feature.
VirusBarrier X5 scans outgoing e-mails for malware. No such feature.
VirusBarrier X5 scans files that are copied to a protected Mac from network volumes, CDs, DVDs or external storage devices such as USB thumb drives. No such feature.
If you have a MobileMe account (formerly .Mac), and your friends put files in your iDisk's Public folder, VirusBarrier X5 scans them during download. No such feature.
VirusBarrier X5 scans for all kinds of Mac malware: viruses, Trojan horses, worms, macro viruses, scareware, rootkits, etc. Apple's anti-malware function currently only scans for two Trojan horses, as of the initial release of Snow Leopard.
VirusBarrier X5 scans for Windows viruses, so Mac users don't pass infected files on to colleagues, or to your own Windows installation. No such feature.
VirusBarrier X5 can repair infected files or put them in a quarantine zone, so you don't lose data if you get a malware infection. No such feature.
VirusBarrier X5 also repairs infected Macs, by deleting malware from infected files or removing malicious files that malware has installed. No such feature.
VirusBarrier X5 updates its virus definitions regularly, at least twice a week, and issues special updates as soon as new malware is spotted. Apple's anti-malware function receives occasional updates via Apple's Software Update.
VirusBarrier X5 keeps full logs of its activity which are easily accessible to users. No such feature.
VirusBarrier X5 provides users with a thorough interface, allowing a number of settings, schedules, and many more features. Apple's anti-malware function has no interface and no other features.
VirusBarrier X5 can be deactivated if needed. Apple's anti-malware function cannot be deactivated.
You can send suspicious files to Intego's Virus Monitoring Center. No such feature.

Download a PDF of this comparison in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish.

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