Intego Spring Cleaning Promo: 40% Off Mac Washing Machine Secure

You have made it through the winter. Spring officially begins today! Rain showers are dwindling and flowers are a’ blooming! It's no surprise that around this time each year, people in all walks of life find themselves devoting more time to sprucing up the things neglected during the long winter season.

It almost feels like a biological imperative. Doesn’t it?

Without much thought, furniture is moved from its place so you can vacuum beneath it and your home smells of fresh disinfectant sprays. Hard to reach surfaces are cleared of dirt and grime, and those frazzled kitchen towels found their way to the washing machine. You’ve awakened from the long, slumbering dark winter season that kept you glued to the television—now it’s time to thoroughly clean up what’s long overdue. You’ve been gripped by the urge to spring clean.

So you’ve cleaned your home, and it seems your life has balance once again.

You’re happier, healthier, and—oh, wait. Did you miss something?

Your Digital Life Needs Cleaning, Too

Cluttered, unorganized, and slow; these are not just ill-fated adjectives to describe a car in need of a good wash, we’re talking about your Mac, and it may need a good cleaning.

In fact, performance tests by Macworld reveal that it’s common for hard drives to show serious performance degradation as they fill up. What was once a perfect, well-oiled machine can quickly turn into an untidy mess—your Mac needs your attention.

Yes, your Mac needs to be cleaned from time to time. You know it. We know it. Apple knows it. An occasional spruce-up will keep everything from keys to software and apps running smoothly, and so today we're going to help you turn your Mac into a faster, more efficient and more reliable machine for the rest of the year.

You may be wondering where to start. Here are some things you can do right now during your quest to spring clean your trusted Mac:

Stressed for time? We get it. You’ve got enough on your plate and much to clean around the house, and the process to manually de-clutter your Mac can be tediously time-consuming. Want to speed things up? We've got the perfect deal just for you to compliment your spring-cleaning toolbox.

Enter Mac Washing Machine Secure X9

Mac Washing Machine Secure X9 seeks out and removes duplicates and other unneeded files, frees up hard disk space to speed up the operating system, organizes the dock and desktop, and lets you create Smart Folders for quicker access to frequently used files. And it does so much more!

This software bundle includes a powerful Mac cleaner in addition to Intego VirusBarrier and NetBarrier, our award-winning Mac antivirus and firewall software. It is the perfect combination of Internet security and Mac cleaning utilities to keep your digital life clean, organized, and secure.

Spring Clean Your Mac with Intego: Take 40% Off Mac Washing Machine Secure!

This promotion has expired.

Starting today through Saturday, March 25, you can enjoy 40% off MSRP* for purchases of Intego Mac Washing Machine Secure X9.

Simply use this promo code at checkout: CLEANME

*Discount only applies to households, limit 10 Macs per customer. Regular renewal rates apply. This offer expires on Saturday, March 25 at 11:59PM PST.