Hello, Mac Washing Machine!

Intego is thrilled to announce the release of Washing Machine 2014 – we’ve been working hard, and it’s finally ready for you. Intego has completely rewritten Washing Machine from the ground up, transforming it from an Internet security tool to a powerful Mac utility. It safely seeks out and removes large, unneeded files, freeing up valuable hard disk space and speeding up the operating system. Washing Machine also features tools to organize the dock and desktop, and lets you create Smart Folders for quick access to frequently used files. The result is a Mac optimized for greater efficiency.

Washing Machine performs the following tasks:

Washing Machine's streamlined user experience provides helpful instructions and tips. Its redesigned, easy-to-use interface lets you explore which files, caches and downloads are safe for removal before you remove them. With complete control over what stays and what goes, you can individually select files to delete or allow Washing Machine to do it for you.

Washing Machine 2014 is now available in English online at MacWashingMachine.com and will be available in other languages in early November. You can visit the site and sign up to be notified when Washing Machine launches in other languages.

A risk-free, limited trial version available on the site allows you to scan your Mac to see how much space can be reclaimed and how many duplicate files are on your computer. You must buy the full version to clean items off your Mac.

Get a faster, cleaner Mac today: Download Intego's all-new Mac Washing Machine.