The Award-Winning AV for Mac is
now available for Windows.

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Intego Antivirus includes:
  • Real-Time protection
  • Ultra fast with low PC resource consumption
  • World-class antivirus detection engine
  • Quick scan to clean your PC

Enjoy faster and smarter security, trusted by millions of users around the world since 1997.
Protect yourself from all cyber-threats with Intego Antivirus.

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What’s inside:

24/7 PC Protection

Using the latest technology in behavior analysis and Malware detection, Intego Antivirus will protect your system in Real-Time by blocking Malware, Spyware, Adware, Ransomware and other threats – before they attack.


Quickly clean your PC with a variety of scan options

Using our flexible scan module, you’ll be able to scan files, folders and different areas in your system to make sure your PC is clean within minutes.

Ultra-Fast, intuitive security

We understand that time is your greatest resource, so we’ve created a fast, high-performance product that won’t slow your PC down. The user-interface is highly intuitive, fast and simple, providing you with the latest & best security that money can buy.

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