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Provides a Safe Surfing Environment for Family Members
Creates Different Setting Configurations Per Account
Includes a Web Admin Console Access
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Use Intego Family Protector to block out objectionable categories of Internet sites, monitor and filter chat sessions, record screenshots and keystrokes, and set up a specific list of websites that get the parental thumbs up so your kids can access them without accidentally running into a filter.
Assign different profiles for your teenage son and your younger daughter and configure each one differently so your son can get online to do homework while your five-year old can print a coloring sheet.
If you’re not at home but your child needs to access a website for a school assignment or for a specific reason, you can enable the site via a web browser so your son or daughter can successfully get online without you rushing home.
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Family Protector has been updated to be compatible for X8. Intego Family Protector helps parents manage Internet access for their children by setting up customizable profiles, monitoring online activity, and restricting them from accessing inappropriate content. Your kids are given a world that’s safe and age-appropriate and you’re given peace of mind in knowing that they’re protected from hidden online dangers.
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Family Protector