VirusBarrier iOS 2013

On-demand Scanning for Your Company's iPhones and iPads

The iOS devices that your employees use could cause major security issues for your company. iPhones and iPads can act as a gateway for malware, allowing infected files contained in attachments to spread to your company’s computers. Intego VirusBarrier iOS offers on-demand scanning for iPhones and iPads so you can catch any malicious files and get rid of them before they harm your company’s computers or important files.

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Don't Let iOS Devices Cause Trouble For Your Company

Our easy-to-use app is built with our award-winning VirusBarrier technology to detect and eradicate threats before they can harm company files, computers or networks. The VirusBarrier iOS scanner lets you validate, view and save any e-mail attachment, file on the device, or file from a remote location (such as Dropbox). Provide your employees with protection that scans for viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and all other known Mac OS X and Windows malware.

A Powerful App that’s Easy-to-Use

When employees install VirusBarrier iOS and launch it for the first time, a tool tip will pop up and provide simple instructions on how to use the app.

Take the Uncertainty Out of Mobile E-mail

Once employees receive an email attachment, they can choose to open it with Intego VirusBarrier iOS. If the scan comes up clean, our integrated file reader will open the document for quick and easy viewing, or they can send the file to a remote location such as Dropbox for storage.

Report Back to Intego

If any malware is detected, the details of the discovery are displayed and your employees will be given the option to report the malware to us at Intego.

On-demand Scanning for Your Company's iPhones and iPads

Intego VirusBarrier iOS has changed from a subscription-based service to a one-time price of $0.99. In addition, we offer volume discounts for companies interested in purchasing protection for all of their iOS devices. Pay only once and update the app with the newest malware definitions for free to ensure that your company is always protected from the latest Mac and Windows threats.

What’s New in Version 1.6

  • Support for Google Drive and SkyDrive
Available on the App Store
$0.99 Per App

or Contact Us about Volume Licensing